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Martina McCarthy grew up on a farm that literally hangs off the edge of the Cliffs of Moher overlooking Liscannor Bay.

She started studying Science in UCG with the intention of specialising in Marine Biology but a chance decision to take Geology as a ‘handy 2nd year subject’ led to the realisation that there could be a career in the love of rocks and the great outdoors. She completed a student exchange programme in Northern Spain in 1990 and discovered other ways of looking at what lies beneath our feet and after she finished her geology degree, she decided to specialise in Geophysics. This started the second great love affair in her life – Archaeology. She set up Ireland’s first geophysical consultancy specialising in Archaeological Geophysics and spent 14 adventurous years investigating archaeological sites all over Ireland. The passion for the great outdoors continued, as did the joy at discovering every gorgeous nook and cranny on the island of Ireland both above and below ground.

She acquired some prizes along the way – a lovely husband, 3 great children and a dream to move back to the edge of the cliff in Co. Clare where she was reared. A plan was put in place, the move was made – and the recession hit. Training adults back into the workplace provided a life line for a few years, but cabin fever finally took over and she had to bolt for the fields again. In evaluating her skill set – a passion for all aspects of heritage, two decades exploring all the hidden gems of Ireland, a natural talker, a keen understanding of people and place – Martina decided to do the obvious thing that married all these qualities – and so Moher Tours was born.

Other facts about Martina

“I love the sea.

I love the smell of the sea.

I love the sound of the sea.

I love seaweed, sea moss and seafood.

I love anything to do with the sea!

I was reared on top of a cliff beside the sea. The sea and all its moods have been the barometer of my life as long as I can remember.

I miss the sea when I am inland.

I also love people.

I love talking to people.

I love hearing their stories. I love telling my story.

I love the story of our people – history, archaeology, anthropology, culture, diversity.

I have spent most of my working life investigating the ground looking for evidence of how people lived in the past. 

I will share my stories with you and I look forward to hearing yours”.